Spotlight 6 (Английский в фокусе 6 класс) Книга для чтения. Алиса в стране чудес. Ваулина Ю.Е.


Описание учебника

Книга для чтения (пересказ на простом английском книги Л. Кэрролла). Пособие для учащихся 6 класса общеобразовательных школ к учебнику “Spotlight 6”

Выдержка из книги

All his life, Charles Dodgson loved entertaining children. At the age of 30, he spent а lot of time with the Liddell girls – Lorina, Edith and his favourite, Alice. Не often photographed them, played ‘nonsense’ games with them, and told them long stories.
Оn а sunny afternoon in July 1862, Charles Dodgson and а friend took the Liddell girls rowing оп the River Thames near Oxford. The children asked Dodgson to tell them а fairy tale, and 10-year-old Alice Liddell said she hoped the story would have “nonsense” in it. So Dodgson told them ap amazing tale, futl of nonsense, about а little girl called Alice and her adventures in а magical underground world. Alice liked the story so much that she said, “I wish you would write out Alice·s adventures for me!”


The Author, Background, the Plot p. 4
The Characters p. 6
1 The White Rabbit p. 8
2 The Tiny Door p. 10
3 The Pool of Tears p. 12
4 A Strange Race p. 14
5 Alice Grows Again p. 16
6 The Duchess and the Pig p. 18
7 The Mad Tea Party p. 20
8 The Queen of Hearts p. 22
9 The Mock Turtle p. 24
10 The Trial p. 26
Activities p. 29
Irregular Verbs & Glossary p. 37
Songs p. 38

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