Английский язык. Учебник для 10-11 классов. Кузовлев, Лапа, Перегудова


Описание учебника

На учебник получены положительные заключения Российской академии наук 10106-5215/15 от 31.10.2007 г.) и Российской академии образования 01-488/5/7д от 24.10.2007 г.).

The authors are indebted to the work of the reviewers О. Afanasyeva, V. 0shchepkova, К. Ronzhina, Belikova, Sukovitsina tor providing valuable insightful critiques of the entire manuscript. Special thanks to V. Safonova who helped to improve the content of the textbook and V. Simkin who contributed а lot to the development of Preparation for Testing Section.

Английский язык. 10—11 классы : учеб. для общеобразоват. Аб4 учреждений / [В. П. Кузовлев, Н. М. Лапа, Э. Ш. Перегудова

Выдержка из книги

B) It is an island state. It covers a territory of two large islands and several smaller ones. Its coast is over 6,000 miles long. It may be a small island by Russian standards, but geographically it is varied. The south and the east of the island consist of flat plains or hills. Mountainous areas are found only in the north and west. In this country you are never very far from the coast and there are lots of seaside resorts. It has a mild climate. It is never very cold or very hot. There’s steady (nocTORHHblh) rainfall throughout most of the year. The main passenger ports and airports are in the Southeast. It’s a rich country, one of the richest in the world.
C) It is the fourth largest nation in the world. It covers 4,500 kilometres from one ocean on the east to another one on the west. Three-quarters (3/4) of the country is washed by ocean. People live within four time zones. It’s a land of physical contrasts. Practically every climate in the world is represented. The southern parts of the country have warm temperatures year round, but the northern parts have very cold winters. The land varies from heavy forests to large deserts, from high mountains to deep canyons. If you travel across the country you would go over mountain ranges, cross hundreds of rivers, and spend days on the vast, flat prairie lands. You would drive past hundreds of lakes, woods and forests. It has most of what every country would like to have — a variety of natural resources, all sorts of products and industries of every kind.


Unit 1 3
Unit 2 39
Unit 3 71
Unit 4 105
Unit 5 145
Unit 6 183
Unit 7 219
Reference Section
Grammar Support 260
Linguistic and Cultural Guide 278
Vocabulary 300
List of Names 338
Scripts 340
Keys to Tests 347

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